Principal:  Mr. T. Conaghan

Chair of Governors: Dr. A. Sen Gupta

20-22 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH1 3NL
Phone: (01202) 208370
The member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the
public is Mrs. Sam Hanson (Pastoral and Operations Manager).


Parkfield looks forward to welcoming you back after the summer holidays. The school will be open to students on Monday 7th September.

Secondary students should arrive by 8.20 for an 8.30 start.

Primary students should arrive from 8.30 for an 8.40 start.

Parkfield School will remain at Dorset House in Bournemouth for one more year, September 2015 - July 2016.

The results of the most recent ecology surveys at the new site in Hurn had identified the presence of bats in a number of the buildings.

Unfortunately this means that much of the building work and particularly the demolition of three large buildings will have to be put on hold until the bats have been professionally re-roosted and this can be a very lengthy process.

All bats and their roosts are legally protected in the UK and there are strict procedures that have to be followed in law. Unfortunately the discovery of bats and the legal requirements surrounding their protection is beyond the school’s and the contractor's control.

The delay in programme would have meant that the planned temporary accommodation would have been situated in close proximity to extensive building works including demolition of buildings. We felt that this could have a negative effect on the children’s well-being and their education as well as being a potential safety risk.

We are aware that this will be a disappointing decision for some but it is in the best interests of the health and safety of the children, parents and staff.

There are, in our view, positive aspects of this decision:
  • Parents will avoid dealing with the traffic delays and road improvements to the A338 and Blackwater Junction planned to start in September
  • By the time the school opens there will be improved road networks in the vicinity of the new site
  • More parking will be available on site as there will be no temporary buildings on the carpark areas
For more information on the protection of bats and the implication on building works see:

Entry in to Reception classes - September 2015.

Please contact Mrs Sam Hanson by email,  to register for a place on the waiting list. Our experience from last year is that, due to the mobility in the Bournemouth area, not all families took up their offers and places became available before the start of the new academic year. 


Announcement regarding Parkfield School's permanent site at Hurn

As many of you are aware the search for an appropriate permanent site for Parkfield School has been an extremely difficult journey. Over a three year period the Education Funding Agency (EFA), which is a branch of the Department for Education, has been working with the Trustees and myself to secure a suitable site for our school. 

One of the major obstacles to securing a site in a central area of Bournemouth is the planning restrictions which prevent much of the land in this area being used for anything other than business/office use or Higher Education (University). We were fortunate to secure a temporary change of use on Dorset House for a maximum of a two year period. The other major obstacle is finding a site with the huge amount of land required to provide our school with adequate building space, outdoor recreational space, parking and safe drop off and pick up areas. 

Unfortunately we have not been able to secure a suitable site for the school in central Bournemouth and therefore the site search had to be extended beyond the Town Centre area. An outstanding opportunity became available, The former National Air Traffic Control Training Centre (NATS) adjacent to Bournemouth Airport, and the EFA, the school Governors and I moved very quickly to secure this excellent site for Parkfield School. 

There are huge advantages for our school with acquisition of the former NATS site and in comparison relatively fewer, although quite significant disadvantages. 

  • The NATS site covers more than 8 acres, larger than most secondary schools in the area, compared to a maximum of 1.5 acres that we would have had in central Bournemouth thus providing fantastic opportunities for outside learning, recreational space and parking as well as areas that will be specifically designated for drop off and pick ups. 

  • The existing buildings on the site are purpose built as teaching classrooms with the additional advantage of some huge open plan halls, which will give us some very flexible options providing excellent learning environments. 

  • The existing buildings are no more than 2 storeys high. 


  • The site has over 400 car parking spaces, thus allowing drop off and pick up times to be easier and safer. 

  • The site has areas of grass and landscaping.

  • The EFA are prepared to build additional teaching spaces on the site e.g. a brand new sports hall and multi purpose hall.

  • We have the opportunity to provide outdoor Montessori teaching spaces which are immediately attached and on the same level as the classroom spaces. 

  • The site is safe and secure and a much safer option in terms of location than any of the proposed sites in the town centre. 

  • The site already has the required planning consent for educational use (D1) and therefore we will not face any significant restrictions or delays from the Local Planning Authority. 

  • The current buildings on the site have an area of over 93,000 square feet which is much larger than we would ever have acquired in the town centre even if we built another multi storey premises. 

  • The larger site gives us the opportunity to expand the school, e.g. the possibility of providing a Parkfield Montessori Nursery.

  • Access to the site by road is good with further plans to substantially improve and develop the surrounding road network. 

 The disadvantages are:

  • The school will not be in the central Bournemouth area as originally planned and therefore children who currently live close to the town centre will need to travel. 

  • Although the Parent Council are investigating school buses which will be specifically for our students the school and Local Authority will not be able to subsidise the cost of transport.

  • There will not be as much new build as was planned with the previous location, but this would have been a multi storey building (minimum of 4/5 floors) which is not ideal. 

  • It is in a different Local Authority (Dorset) although this will not affect parents’ choice to attend the school from Bournemouth and Poole. 

  • The catchment area of the school will change in the future, with priority still being given to families with siblings already attending school, but with the distance from the school being the other major factor influencing securing a place at Parkfield. This will potentially bring families in from North Dorset, Parley, Ferndown, etc. and from East Dorset, Christchurch and surrounding areas.  


In year admissions for the current academic year - 2014/2015

All Secondary School applications are co-ordinated by Bournemouth Local Authority admissions. Please apply directly to them if you wish to take up a place at Parkfield School.

Mid year applications for places in the Primary sector of the school can be made directly to the school by calling the number at the top of this page or through the Admissions Form on the right hand side of this page.

Please note however, your child will start school in September 2015 at our new site in Hurn.


Documentation from the Secondary School Open Evening October 15th 2014.

Information booklets and the powerpoint presentation from the Open Evening can be downloaded below:

Open Evening Powerpoint Presentation

Information for parents

IB MYP handout



Free Schools Information:

Free Schools are non-profit making, independent, state-funded schools run outside the control of local authorities.  They are funded directly from central government.

More than 240 free schools are now in operation, with more than 100 more approved to open in September 2015 and beyond.:

For more information on Free Schools, you can visit the Department for Education page here

For facts and figures about Free Schools (updated March 2015) see the New Schools Network document here


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